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In very brief, Noir is a story about two assassins, Kirika Yuumura and Mireille Bouquet, who teamed up to work together when they realized that their past is somehow connected to each other. However, things are never so simple, and they soon discover that they're about to uncover truths that could be beyond any of their comprehensions.

For Kirika, the story as far as she could remember, begins by her waking up with no memory of who she is. All she has to go by is her school uniform, an ID card with her picture and a name that's supposed to be hers (except she has no recollection of it), a musical pocket watch, a gun with bullets, and that she's "Noir". To add to the mystery, men in suits were after her as well. She has no idea why they're after her, but because of their pursuit, she soon discovers that she can kill with ease. In fact, she's exceptionally skilled when it comes to using a gun (or any other methods of killing, really). In an attempt to discover who she is and to make sense of her ability to kill without sadness, she contacts a well-known underground assassin in Paris by the name of Mireille Bouquet.

Out of curiosity and a need to solve a mystery in the message that Kirika left for her, Mireille makes the decision to go to Japan and find Kirika. During this meeting, Mireille recognizes the melody of Kirika's mysterious pocket watch and she realizes that Kirika may be connected to her own tragic past somehow. It was then decided that they would return to Paris together in order to begin their journey to the past. There, they began working together as assassins under the codename, Noir.

But what exactly is Noir? What is the true meaning of this name and the history behind it? It goes much further back than any of them had thought, and they suddenly find themselves chased by a powerful underground organization called Soldats. Somehow it's all related to each of their pasts, and together they try to discover the truths behind truths.

Noir is seriously one of the "coolest" series I've ever seen- the graphics is beautiful, the action is amazing, and the music is hauntingly beautiful. The story plays at your mind and keeps you on your toes as you journey together with Kirika and Mireille in uncovering the real story behind it all. I honestly can't describe the series and do it justice- it's one of those that needs to be seen rather than told. You should definitely watch it if you haven't already done so! Not to be missed. :)

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