Extras: Copperia no Hitsugi Single

This was a single release of the anime's opening song, Copperia no Hitsugi. It was actually the first CD that was released for Noir, coming out about a month earlier than the first soundtrack.

Blanc dans NoirProduction: ALI PROJECT, Composed by Katakura Mikiya, Lyrics by Takarano Arika

No. of Discs: 1 CD
No. of Tracks: 2 Tracks

Product Number: VICL-35258
Release Date: May 23, 2001 (Japanese Version)

Since this is really just a single, there are only two songs in this release. In my opinion, Noir's opening song was probably one of the few that took me a while to like. It's one of those that might rub you the wrong way the first time you listen to it, but then it grows on you later on.


  1. Copperia no Hitsugi (3:57) - trans. Coppelia's Coffin
  2. Apès le Noir (4:16) - trans. After the Black

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