Extras: Noir Music Samples

On this page, you can find a couple of mp3's from the Noir soundtrack. I've chosen Canta Per Me and Canta Per Me II to go hand in hand with the name of this fanlisting, but in reality, it's also a popular favorite for many. Canta Per Me basically means "Sing for Me" in Latin, which I also thought was rather appropriate for me to use for the name of this fanlisting. Give it a listen if you have never heard it before!

DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Any and all music (MP3's) offered on this site are copyrighted to Noir and their original artist(s). All songs downloaded should be deleted within 24 hours, as they are here for sampling purposes only. Please support Noir's music and their artists by purchasing the soundtracks if you should like the songs. No direct-linking or redistribution is allowed!

Sample MP3 Downloads

• Canta Per Me » Download Link | 2.9 MB zipped file
This song is from the first OST and one of the songs that you'll probably recognize if you've watched at least some of the anime. It's sung in Latin and has such an enchanting feel to it. The song just sucks you in from beginning to end. Together, the notes and the singer's voice are all laced with emotion and I can't help but be pulled into it. Amazing song, really. It can't be described; just download it! Lyrics also coming soon.

• Canta Per Me II » Download Link | 3.0 MB zipped file
This song is from the second OST and as you can probably tell from the title, it's a different version of the same song. It's not a remix as you might think, rather it's like a much calmer instrumental version of the song. In fact, unless you pay attention, you may not even realize it was the same song. There's no singing in this version and it doesn't grab at you like the original version, but it's great all the same as it gives off an entirely different feeling. You sort of ease yourself into the music rather than get sucked in whammo like the other version. ;p

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